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Travel from 1,99€

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Your travel experience on our buses will be unique, thanks to the comforts and quality services we offer. In particular: 

- Comfortable reclining and distance-adjustable seats, with leather inserts, double armrest (on both sides), footrest, USB, electric sockets and light on every seat. For a totally relaxing trip.


- Ultra-broadband free 5/4 G Wi-Fi.

- Large space between seats.


- Vending machines.


- Toilette.


In addition, on our double-deck buses, you can enjoy the following comforts: 


- TOP extendible seats, with more legroom and more space between the seats. 


- Table area for groups or families. 

- Large panoramic window, special view for the first four seats.


Our Partners

Our buses are of the latest generation equipped with Euro 6D diesel engines, the most environmentally friendly category on the market.

Furthermore, they are fuelled by Eni Diesel +, Eni's premium diesel with 15% HVO (hydrotreated vegetable oil). component produced using Eni's proprietary Ecofining technology.

HVO is the biofuel which Eni has invested in to contribute to the use, in the transport sector, of alternative fuels to traditional ones. 

The use of Eni Diesel + allows a reduction in CO2 emissions - compared to other diesel fuels sold in Italy - along the entire production chain, from the cultivation of the raw material to its use in vehicles, according to the "well to wheel" method.