About us

Itabus is an Italian road transport company that was founded with a clear objective: to offer a new travel experience where comfort, quality and safety are combined with convenience, innovation and ecology.

Our mission is to create and offer travel solutions that meet the specific needs of each traveller in an innovative, efficient and reliable way


Our network of connections is widespread and constantly expanding.


Dynamism, innovation, reliability and attention to safety and environmental impact are the elements that characterise our service. 


Our service

Our service includes thousands daily connections and a large catchment area of cities served.

Our fleet of single and double-decker buses is characterised by elegance, comfort, technology and innovative and distinctive equipment, such as 4/5G broadband Wi-Fi for all our guests.


Our values

Our core values are represented by: 




We want to ensure an excellent and distinctive travel experience, so we strive to offer our guests the highest quality in service, bus fleet, driver training and expertise, and travel solutions. We have an in-house managed, modern and technologically advanced bus fleet. Our drivers receive specific, highly professional training to provide you with a quality service. We think of travel solutions that meet and satisfy your needs, with offers, comfort and services that make your experience with us unique and of quality.




We believe in environmental sustainability: that's why we offer our guests Euro 6 D vehicles, the lowest category in terms of emissions, and we are committed internally to making our work more sustainable, choosing the digitisation of office activities and energy-saving machinery. 




We want our guests to travel in total relaxation, with no worries and no surprises, which is why we put safety at the heart of our business. Our buses are equipped with the most advanced and efficient safety systems and our drivers are trained according to the latest safety regulations.  




We believe that travel is an opportunity for our guests to spend time with their loved ones and reach their desired destinations: this is why we are committed to ensuring that they can travel safely, securely, comfortably and connected to the web with an innovative broadband Wi-Fi connectivity service. 


Our strengths

We are an Italian company that wants to enhance the territory by creating a capillary system of connections. 

We focus on enhancing elegance and innovation, offering travellers maximum comfort and a modern and technologically advanced fleet, equipped with 4/5G Wi-Fi connectivity. 


We have an operations room that allows us to monitor the activity and parameters of our buses in real time, so that we can intervene effectively, promptly and efficiently if necessary.

We also collaborate with specialised companies to clean and sanitise our buses.  


Transparency and clarity in the services we offer, quality and competitive prices are other elements that characterise our company and distinguish our offer. We aim to offer travel solutions that meet the needs of our guests. 


We characterise ourselves as a company that respects the environment and pays attention to sustainability, because we believe in these values: the Itabus fleet is made up of Euro 6 D vehicles, the category that produces the least amount of polluting emissions.