Our focus on sustainability

Sustainability is an important issue for an increasing number of travellers.

That's why we have a sustainable corporate policy and have chosen a fleet of the latest generation of low-emission buses.

Our fleet

Our buses are equipped with the latest generation of Diesel Euro 6D engines, the lowest emission category on the market.

They are also fuelled with Eni Diesel +, Eni's premium diesel with 15% HVO (hydrotreated vegetable oil) produced through Eni's proprietary Ecofining technology. 

HVO is the biofuel in which Eni has invested to contribute to the use of alternative fuels to traditional ones in the transport sector.

The use of Eni Diesel + allows a reduction in CO2eq emissions - compared to other diesel fuels sold in Italy - along the entire production chain, from the cultivation of the raw material to its use on vehicles, according to the "well to wheel" methodology.


Our corporate policies

As a company that cares about sustainability, we are committed to pursuing corporate policies that respect the environment and the community in which we live.

This commitment translates into

- digitising office activities, with the aim of minimising the use of consumables, such as paper;

- encouragement of smart-working, especially of staff living outside the local area;

- use of machinery and an electrical system that is designed to save energy.