The fleet

Our buses

We have chosen a modern, state-of-the-art fleet, equipped with the latest technology on the market and further equipped with the latest comfort accessories, to make your stay on board a unique and enjoyable travel experience!


For your travels with Itabus, you will board the "best bus of the year", the MAN LION'S COACH, winner of the "Coach of the year 2020" award, and the NEOPLAN SKYLINER, which has always been considered the excellence for double-decker travel. On board our double-decker fleet, for the first time in long-distance travel, you can choose the travel environment that best suits your needs.


Are you looking forward to trying them out? Here are some of the features you'll find on board our buses. 

fronte bus

Additional accessories

- Comfortable seats that recline and spread out, with high-quality materials, double armrests, adjustable footrests, coffee table, light and electrical and USB sockets at each seat, for a totally relaxing journey.


 - Free 5/4G ultra-broadband Wi-Fi, so you can watch your favourite videos, chat with friends, study, work or surf the web without limits while you travel.


- Vending machines for snacks and drinks, on our double-decker buses.


- Toilets.


And on the double-decker coaches, two areas to meet all your travel needs:


- Premium area with even larger seats and extendable armchairs.


- Table area for travelling with a group or family.


- Panoramic roof to enjoy a terrace while on the move.


Visit the Onboard Comfort section to find out more!

belvedere cielo

A modern and safe fleet

Every bus at peak performance, every time.


On-board devices assist our drivers in all their travel operations: the multifunction steering wheel and on-board computer allow them to keep your vehicle under control, with both hands on the wheel! Active and passive safety systems assist the driver while driving, through early warning systems.


Here are just a few of the safety features on our buses:


- Maximum speed control, our buses ensure compliance with speed limits.

- The emergency brake (EBA) recognises obstacles and signals them to the driver.


- the driver's seat vibration system (LSG) recognises stripes along the roadway.


- the vehicle distance-keeping system, which, together with the LED headlights and rain and light sensors, allows you to travel safely even in adverse weather conditions.


Get on board and enjoy your trip!

itabus livrea

The Itabus Operations Room

Our drivers are never alone, and neither are you!


Almost all of Itabus' services are operated with a two drivers on board: during your night-time journeys, as required by law, the two drivers will alternate regularly at the wheel and, with the aim of guaranteeing maximum safety at all times, even during the day for longer journeys, our two drivers will take you to your destination in total peace of mind.


What's more, from the Itabus operations room we are at our drivers' side at all times, monitoring the traffic, parameters and status of the buses every day, all day long.


Thanks to the most advanced on-board systems, our control centre constantly supervises the progress of buses on all lines: 7 days a week, 24 hours a day we are connected with all your journeys.


Real-time monitoring allows us to keep you informed on all aspects of your journey: visit the Find my bus section to follow your bus with us and get to the bus stop on time!

sala di controllo

Maintenance on our buses

Before your journey to your destination, our buses undergo frequent scheduled maintenance checks on all components.

Experts in the field ensure that our vehicles are always reliable and ready to go: from air conditioning to tyres, from windscreen wipers to toilets, all bus components are checked at the fleet manufacturer's specialised facilities.


The maintenance model that Itabus has chosen to adopt is innovative, guaranteeing high standards of performance, safety and reliability.

Bus Man Truck Center

Bus cleaning

For your journey on board our buses, we are committed to always offering you a comfortable and clean seat.

That's why we rely on specialised companies to thoroughly clean the interior and exterior of our buses every day: from the waste bins to the toilets, everything on the bus is checked and cleaned before the start of a new journey!


We are born sustainable: we believe in the added value that public transport can bring to the environment and we are committed to making our service eco-friendly.


For our fleet we have chosen the latest generation of Euro 6D engines, the category that produces the least amount of polluting emissions on the market.


We also choose the most environmentally friendly fuel for our journeys every day.

Our buses are fuelled by diesel with the highest percentage of HVO (hydrotreated vegetable oil), the biofuel in which Eni has invested to contribute to the use of alternative fuels to traditional ones in the transport sector. We choose Eni's premium diesel, to contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions.


´╗┐Are you ready for a unique and unforgettable travel experience on board our buses?