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How far in advance should I get to the bus stop?

We recommend reaching the departure stop of your airport transfer at least 15 minutes before the indicated departure time. 

Is my ticket only valid for the booked ride?

 Si può utilizzare il biglietto acquistato anche per le corse precedenti e successive a quella che hai prenotato, ma sempre a seconda delle disponibilità dei posti.

Is there an extra charge for luggage in airport transfers operated by Terravision?

On routes operated by Terravision, no additional baggage charges apply.


There is no limit to the number of luggage items that can be transported, as long as there is space available in the luggage compartment.


Hand luggage may only be taken on board if it is of a size compatible with the dedicated compartments and if it does not pose a danger during the journey (this is at the discretion of the driver).

Can animals be brought on board airport buses?

Small and medium-sized animals may be transported as long as they are in a carrier.


If you want to keep the pet carrier on the seat next to you, you need to buy an additional ticket otherwise, on Terravision buses, you can also keep it on your lap.

Should I print out the Terravision ticket?

For the routes to airports operated by Terravision, it is not necessary to print out the ticket, but it is sufficient to show the driver the QR code on the e-ticket.


Exceptions are the connections between Bari city and Bari Airport, where it must be printed.

Are the buses equipped with ramps for the disabled?

If you need to access the Terravision shuttle via wheelchair ramps, we recommend that you contact Terravision Customer Service at least 7 days before you travel so that we can best organise your journey.


For the Bergamo Orio al Serio-Milano Centrale route (book online and forward your reservation to the staff at least 7 days before travel by sending an email to orioarrivi@terravision.eu).

For the Malpensa-Milano Centrale, Ciampino-Roma Termini, Fiumicino-Roma Termini and Bari Aeroporto-Bari routes (book online and forward your reservation to the staff at least 7 days before travel by sending an email to customerservices@terravision.eu). 

Is it possible to take special luggage such as bicycles or surfboards on airport buses?

In the airport connection buses operated by Terravision, you can bring prams, wheelchairs and folding bicycles without any problems.


For larger objects, transport is dependent on the space available in the boot.

Does the bus wait for passengers to arrive if they are late?

Buses to and from airports, except in cases of force majeure, must follow a precise timetable to ensure the most accurate service possible for everyone.


However, the ticket purchased is also valid for earlier and later journeys on the same route, but always subject to the availability of free seats.

How many hours in advance should I purchase my ticket online?

Terravision tickets can be purchased online up to 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

How much do tickets cost? Do children have special discounts?

The cost of tickets may vary from route to route and there are no special discounts for children.

Where can I find the airport shuttle stop?

If you are looking for the starting point of your shuttle to and from the airport, check the map on this page.

Where can I find the timetables for the airport shuttle service?

You can find all shuttle service schedules on the respective airport or connection pages and further up this page.

Can I cancel or modify my ticket? How can I do this?

Terravision bookings already made can be changed for both the date and time of the airport transfer.


However, it is not possible to delete them.

I booked the wrong route. Can I still use my ticket?

If you have booked the wrong route, you can try contacting Terravision Customer Service at customerservices@terravision.eu.

A different name appears on the ticket. Is this a problem?

Terravision tickets are generated directly with the name of the person who purchased them, but despite this, the name on the ticket is not binding for access to the bus. 

What happens if the flight is diverted to another airport?

If your flight is changed, you can change your Terravision ticket in terms of both time and date of departure.


Contact Terravision Customer Service for all relevant information (customerservices@terravision.eu).

What happens if customs control or baggage claim takes longer than expected?

In the event of a delay, Terravision tickets remain valid for the journey following the one booked, subject to availability of seats.