Travel Environments

Now that you can choose, you will have no choice.


In our COMFORT Ambience you will find:

- comfortable, reclining and distanced seats,

- double armrest (both side and central),

- height-adjustable footrest,

- folding table,

- light,

- electrical and USB sockets at each place.

Every seat on board our buses is numbered and assigned.

The following types of seats are part of the Comfort Environment:

- Seats in the Table Area (available on the lower level of double-decker buses)

- Panoramic Places

- Standard seats (aisle, window, seats at the back of the bus).

area tavolino


In the TOP area, comfort is maximum, thanks to ample legroom and extendable seats: the rows of seats enjoy extra space, which are dedicated solely to your well-being.

In addition, TOP seats are equipped with extendable leg rests: stretch your back and legs, read a book, watch a movie or listen to music from your smartphone or tablet.

The keyword: relaxation. So that you arrive at your destination relaxed and rested.

ambiente top