TERRAVISION Terms and Conditions


The following words shall have the following definitions:

"Vehicle": the vehicle, bus or other means of transport, provided by Terravision and on which passengers will travel;

"Journey": the journey permitted to passengers on the basis of the information contained in their ticket;

"Traveller" or "user" or "passenger" or "customer": the person who buys the ticket online;

"Ticket": travel ticket that can be purchased through the "terravision.eu" website or on Terravision's partner websites;

"Service": activity carried out by the Company;

"Luggage": any object that a passenger carries with them in connection with their trip.

Terravision: company that deals with the online marketing of transport companies;

Transport company or carrier: transport companies that provide bus services;

Admission to the service

Travellers must carry a valid ticket to use the transport service and must keep it for the duration of the journey. The journey is deemed to be completed after the passenger leaves the vehicle; in the case of a return ticket, it is completed when the passenger leaves the vehicle following the return journey.

Services provided


Terravision sells transfers from road transport companies and carriers that only allow passengers with a standard travel ticket. The ticket is written proof of the agreement between the Company and the passenger. The ticket remains the property of Terravision and must be presented at the request of the transport company. The ticket must also be handed over to the carrier when so requested.

Disabled passengers

Failure to inform us of the disability at the time of booking may result in the service not being available and the passenger being unable to travel. Passengers are advised to contact the company at least one week before departure. For further information, write to the following email address: customerservices@terravision.eu


Child passengers

Terravision does not provide transport for unaccompanied minors (under 14 years of age). No escort or other special services are available. Children under 14 years of age must be accompanied by a passenger aged 18 or over, who must book a ticket at the same time. Children up to 4 years of age on the date of departure can travel free of charge based on standard fares. Children over 4 years of age must pay the normal fare. Child seats are not permitted on buses.

Animal transport

Small and medium-sized animals are allowed, provided they are in a pet carrier. If the carrier is held on the passenger's lap, the animal can be transported free of charge. If it is necessary to occupy another seat with the carrier, a ticket must be purchased at the full fare. 

Tickets and reservations

Ticket validity


The Ticket allows you to use the service marketed by Terravision and to make the journey indicated on it. If the ticket is altered or damaged, it shall not be valid for the intended journey specified on it.

Paper tickets

Paper tickets are valid for 3 months from the date of purchase. 


Printing of e-tickets is not compulsory; simply save a copy on your smartphone or tablet. E-tickets must be presented to the transport company staff present at the time of boarding. If the passenger is delayed and misses the service indicated on the ticket purchased online, the ticket will still be valid for the next service, subject to availability of seats. Priority boarding is only guaranteed for the booked departure times shown on the ticket, provided that the passenger arrives at the stop 15 minutes before the departure time.


Seat reservations

Passengers wishing to reserve a seat on a specific journey must book it online via our reservation system before the departure date itself. Reservations are subject to the availability of seats on individual routes.

Ticket changes

Passengers may request changes to their tickets in terms of type and destination at no extra cost, provided they are travelling on the same journey. Changes must be requested at least ten (10) days prior to the departure of the service indicated on the ticket.

Changes to the ticket may only be made by Terravision or its authorised employees. If the change to the ticket results in an increase in price relative to the price paid, the passenger must pay the additional cost.

Passengers can amend the date and time of their online reservations by logging into their "My Terravision" account. Tickets purchased offline through Terravision staff cannot be changed or modified.

Passenger Liability

Passengers must always check their booking details (place of departure and arrival, dates, times, number of passengers, etc.) before confirming their purchase. Similarly, when purchasing e-tickets, passengers must check that the details on the screen are correct before proceeding with payment.

Invalid tickets

Passengers must travel with a valid ticket. Passengers found to be in possession of an invalid ticket must leave the bus or, alternatively, purchase another ticket directly from the driver.

Fake e-tickets

Terravision or the carriers operating the transport reserve the right to withdraw and retain an e-ticket held by a passenger or make a photocopy thereof if they have reasonable grounds to consider it to be fake. They may also prevent a passenger found in possession of such a ticket from using their services and take legal action.

Lost tickets

Terravision is not obliged to replace tickets in the event of loss or theft. Should tickets be lost or stolen, passengers still wishing to use the service offered by the Company must purchase a new ticket.

Cancellation Policy

Customers wishing to cancel their booking will be issued with a voucher for 100% of the booking amount, valid for 12 months, to be used on Terravision Electric spa transfer services at Milan Malpensa, Bergamo Orio al Serio, Rome Ciampino and Rome Fiumicino airports. Terravision is not obliged to refund tickets due to incorrect bookings, changes to travel plans or flight delays/cancellations, or force majeure events.

Access to vehicles


Boarding and alighting from buses takes place exclusively at authorised bus stops indicated by posts along the routes. Drivers cannot be asked to stop anywhere other than those authorised by law. Passengers are responsible for making their way to the most appropriate stop, ensuring that they board the right bus. A map of all our stops is available on the website www.terravison.eu.

Passenger late arrival

Passengers must arrive at the bus stop at least 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time on the day of travel. Terravision is not liable for missed services if they are the result of a passenger's late arrival and is not obliged to delay its service to wait for the passenger.

Tickets from the city to the airport    Passengers are advised to book a service that allows them to arrive at the airport at least four (4) hours before their flight is scheduled to depart.

Terravision or the carrier may not be held liable in the event of accidents, traffic or any cause of force majeure beyond our control that prevents the normal operation of our services. Users who fail to follow the advice given and choose a service that does not allow sufficient time for normal boarding procedures (check-in, security checks, etc.) will not be entitled to a refund.

Connections It is the passengers' responsibility to plan their journey in such a way that there is sufficient time to ensure connections with other means of transport. If passengers choose a connection that does not allow them to arrive at the boarding gate in good time, they will not receive any compensation.


Luggage allowance

Terravision does not charge extra for luggage or limit the number of pieces of luggage as long as there is space available in the luggage compartment.

Depending on the space available on board, skiing equipment, skates, bicycles and other 'special' items may also be permitted onboard, at the discretion of each carrier's staff and subject to any applicable fares. Fragile items, such as electrical goods, portable televisions and radios, may only be transported if they are of a reasonable size. Small musical instruments, such as guitars, cellos, violins or violas, can only be carried on the bus if a seat is reserved and the fare is paid. Mobility equipment (folding wheelchairs and other aids) is carried free of charge.

If passengers have any doubts as to whether or not to bring an item with them, they should contact Terravision at customerservices@terravision.eu to find out if the item they wish to bring with them is eligible for transport.

Bus drivers will offer passengers assistance with their luggage but are not obliged to lift it.

For health and safety reasons, Terravision does not accept items weighing more than 32 kg and measuring more than 81 cm in height, 119 cm in length and 119 cm in depth. The weight limit does not apply to mobility equipment for the disabled.

Terravision assumes no liability for improperly packaged, perishable or fragile items, or for minor damage to the outer surface of luggage (e.g. scratches, stains, dirt, dents) resulting from normal wear and tear.

Prohibited luggage

The carrier is not obliged to carry the following: firearms, knives or any sharp object; blunt objects capable of causing injury; explosive substances; chemical substances, drugs or solvents (except medicines); toxic or infectious substances, such as rodenticides, infected blood or radioactive material; corrosive substances, such as mercury or vehicle batteries; or any article which the carrier believes to be dangerous, likely to cause injury or unsuitable for the type of carriage provided due to its weight, shape, extreme fragility or perishability. Any items specified above as prohibited luggage that are found on board will be immediately removed from the vehicle.

Packaging and identification of luggage

All passenger luggage must be properly packaged and bear an identification tag showing the personal details and telephone number of the passenger-owner. Terravision reserves the right to refuse to allow luggage on board the bus if it is found to be in breach of these requirements. All luggage, except hand luggage, will be stored in the bus' luggage compartments.

Hand luggage

Hand luggage may only be taken on board if it is small and fits into the overhead compartments. It is at the discretion of the driver or sales representative to determine whether your luggage is of a size that will fit into the overhead compartment. Responsibility for loss or damage rests solely with the passenger.

If hand luggage is left on board the bus, it will be immediately handed over to Border Control. The company shall therefore be exempt from any liability.


Liability for lost luggage

If luggage is left behind on a bus, it will be retained by the transport company. The passenger will be charged a fee for this service including, where possible, the forwarding of lost luggage. Luggage that does not have a telephone number and address will be disposed of within one month of its discovery. The contents of the luggage will be examined and, if considered dangerous or perishable, disposed of within 48 hours of discovery. Luggage found by other passengers and promptly handed over to the transport company will also be held in storage.

Loss of luggage must be immediately reported by email to customerservices@terravision.eu and confirmed, with details of all lost items, within 72 hours of the end of the journey. Terravision recommends insuring luggage for all damage related to the transfer contract with an appropriate insurance company.

Terravision's Liabilities


Carriers with which Terravision has entered into a commercial contract are obliged to transport ticketed passengers and their luggage in compliance with the provisions contained herein. In addition, the Company undertakes to minimise travel-related disruption and inconvenience.

Delay or cancellation of services

The timetables published on www.terravision.eu are approximate. Terravision or the transport companies reserve the right to change them, informing users of the reasons for the change and any alternative services. Terravision or the transport companies may also suspend or cancel services and are obliged to inform passengers of this. In the latter case, Terravision or the transport companies shall have the choice of adding a new service to replace the cancelled one or extending the validity of the passenger's ticket. Terravision is not liable for any loss, damage or costs suffered by passengers due to delays or cancellation of the service. Terravision has no obligation to passengers who have not booked a journey.

Cancellation after start of service

If the bus on which passengers are travelling is unable to arrive at the destination chosen by the passenger, except where the cause is beyond the carrier's control, the carrier reserves the right to choose one of the following courses of action: a) to choose an alternative means of transport that guarantees that passengers arrive at their destination; b) to provide a replacement bus; c) to reimburse the costs incurred by the passenger; d) to issue a voucher to the passenger.

Absence of liability

Terravision shall not be liable for circumstances beyond its reasonable control. Examples of events beyond Terravision's control are: pandemic; war or threat of war; accidents on the service route; severe and exceptional weather conditions; fire and/or damage to a bus station or along the route; vandalism; terrorism; unexpected traffic; riots, technical problems or local unrest; theft or loss.

Personal injury and death

If a passenger is injured or killed as a result of the carrier's own negligence, the carrier shall pay compensation for the damage suffered.

Airlines and transport companies

Terravision is not responsible for the quality of service provided by airlines or transport companies in the event of delays or cancellation of transfers.



Passengers must submit their complaints in person, by email or ticket, and provide proof of identity and flight documentation if requested. If the ticket bears the names of several passengers, they must all make their claims at the same time. The complaint must be sent by email to customerservices@terravision.eu 

 The deadline for making a claim is 7 days from the date of departure. The ticket purchased must be enclosed with the submitted complaint.

Passenger vouchers


Vouchers are: personal; transferable to third parties; valid for six (6) months from the date of issue shown on the voucher. Vouchers can be used for any service sold by Terravision at the airports of Rome Ciampino, Rome Fiumicino, Bergamo Orio al Serio and Milan Malpensa.

Voucher expiry

If passengers wish to use a service that costs more than the voucher value, they must pay the difference in price; if the cost is lower, they will not be compensated for the difference.

Passenger conduct

Conduct required

Passengers must behave in a proper and reasonable manner both at the terminals and on board the buses, paying careful attention to instructions from staff members of the chosen transport company.

As a result of the Covid-19 health emergency, passengers must wear an FFP2 mask and be in possession of an enhanced Green Pass; failure to comply with these requirements will entitle the carrier to prohibit the passenger from travelling in order to protect other passengers' health.

Prohibited behaviour

Passengers must not behave in an improper manner, including but not limited to:

-threatening Terravision staff or the staff of the chosen transport company;

- placing their luggage in such a way as to cause inconvenience to other passengers by blocking emergency exits or the central aisle of the bus;

- using radios, playing noisy games, musical instruments or other audio devices that may disturb other passengers;

- eating or drinking on board;

- carrying alcohol or drugs on board the bus;

- being under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Terravision and the chosen transport company reserve the right to prevent passengers from boarding the bus or facilitate their disembarkation from the bus, where possible, if they have behaved in a manner that is prohibited by the regulations.

Liability for the behaviour of other passengers

Terravision and the chosen transport company are not liable for the actions or omissions of other passengers on the bus or at its terminals. However, the transport company is obliged to monitor the behaviour of all users.

Terravision Communications

In the event of timetable changes, general announcements or cancellations of travel itineraries, Terravision will provide passengers with information by email to the address provided at the time of booking. Having sent the email message shall be deemed proof of receipt. Passengers who have not provided Terravision with a valid email address should check the website www.terravision.eu or call a Company office between 24 and 72 hours before departure to ensure that there have been no notifications or changes to the timetable.



The transport contract entered into with Terravision is subject to current general conditions of carriage for passengers and luggage and to the relevant regulations, provisions and/or rules pertaining to specific objects. Terravision's conditions and regulations are hereby incorporated into the contract and made part thereof by reference to this notification.

Please note that Terravision London Finance Ltd is a company engaged in the resale of airport transfer tickets for third party companies and is not liable for any damage caused to persons or property by third party companies providing the transfer service.