Long weekends & Italian holidays


Itabus accompanies you through Italy at any time of the year. Take advantage of the Bank Holiday weekends and festive days on the calendar to organise a pleasant getaway.

A year of hard work, racing against time, commitments and deadlines is a long one but, fortunately, between months there are strategic holidays and Bank Holiday weekends that allow you to stop for a moment and enjoy the wonders of our beautiful Italy alone, with your family or in the company of friends.


We at Itabus would like to offer you some tips on how to make the most of these rejuvenating breaks. Plan ahead and book your place on one of our buses!





Take advantage of the period between New Year's Eve and Epiphany to welcome the New Year by discovering a new city, perhaps the very one you have been meaning to visit for some time. Like Venice, with its magical bridges and canals that are filled with magic even in winter, appreciated all over the world and visited by millions of tourists. All that's missing is you!


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If, on the other hand, you prefer to relax in the snow or put on your skis to whizz down the mountain slopes, book a bus on Itabus to some of the most beautiful slopes in the Dolomites for a dream holiday. Some of the destinations? Madonna di Campiglio, Cortina d'Ampezzo, Canazei, Corvara.


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sciare dolomiti



The days are getting longer, the sun is starting to get warmer and the urge to get away after a lethargic winter is getting stronger. In spring, take advantage of the Easter and Easter Monday weekends to dedicate a couple of days to visiting one of Italy's most fascinating cities of history, art and culture: Florence. Here you can fill your eyes with beauty as you admire the works of art created by the greatest masters of the past such as Giotto, Michelangelo or Leonardo da Vinci.


But Tuscany is not only its capital city. For Liberation Day, 25 April, organise with Itabus an out-of-town trip to one of the many cities of art in the region and admire from the window the sinuous green hills that are the protagonists of all postcards.


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Labour Day is celebrated on 1 May: why not take advantage of it for a romantic getaway to Verona? Everyone knows the love story between Romeo and Juliet and the famous balcony, so a visit is a must, especially in the company of your sweetheart. Late spring is the ideal time to admire the city in turmoil with the preparations for the opera season and concerts at the Arena di Verona, but without the crowds that characterise the summer months.


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You don't need an excuse to visit Rome, but if you can take advantage of Republic Day, 2 June, to stay a few extra days, then your stay will be perfect! June in Rome is perhaps the month of the year that makes it most magical, with the sun reflecting off the Tiber and its beautiful parks where you can relax in the shade of a tree, perhaps with a delicious porchetta sandwich in your hands. To visit the capital, there is no need to follow a real itinerary. Just stroll aimlessly because behind every corner, at every door, lies an unexpected treasure ready to fill your eyes, and your heart, with wonder.


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Ferragosto rhymes with carefree and is the time of year that, more than any other, sees all desires fulfilled. If the beach and beach umbrella are not for you, take a refreshing break in the mountains to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and breathe some fresh air. Trento is the ideal starting point to treat yourself to a holiday of pure relaxation, between walks in the woods and bathing in the streams.


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trento boschi laghi

Do you prefer the sea to the mountains? Then the regions of southern Italy, such as Campania, Apulia and Sicily, await you with their crystal-clear waters, relaxed atmosphere and delicious seafood cuisine for an unforgettable summer that will leave on your skin that salty scent that puts you in a good mood for the rest of the year.


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When Halloween, the festival where the barriers between the world of the dead and the world of the living are dissolved, gives way to 1 November, All Saints' Day, the perfect destination to go to is undoubtedly Turin, better known as the 'magic city'. In fact, Turin is known to be a city where the forces of good and evil meet and clash. White magic and black magic are the energy that animates the Piedmontese capital, and for those who are passionate about esotericism, there is no better time of year to go and discover the symbols of these opposing forces.


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December is the month of festivities par excellence. In Milan, Christmas already makes itself felt at the beginning of the month, from 8 December, when the city begins to sparkle with lights, the squares are enlivened by characteristic markets, panettone cakes fill the shop windows and the cold is no longer so bitter because everyone is busy preparing everything the family needs for Christmas. Set off for the Immaculate Conception and spend a few days in Lombardy's capital city to search for the perfect gifts among the glittering shop windows.


Is time never enough? Stay for 25 December and experience an alternative Christmas.


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milano navigli a natale



Every Italian city has a precise identity, both structural and cultural, but what they all have in common is the deep connection with their patron saint, who has always been celebrated once a year. If you feel like discovering new traditions, here is a short list of the patron saint festivities in the main Italian cities.


Rome 29 June: St Peter and St Paul

Florence 24 June: St John

Naples 19 September: San Gennaro

Bologna 4 October: San Petronio

Milan 7 December: Saint Ambrose

Bari 6 December: St Nicholas in Bari

san paolo roma



Now that you no longer have any doubts about where to go over the holidays, we have good news for you: 2023 is a particularly lucky year. With just five days off, you are entitled to an impressive 38 days of holiday. Not bad!

2023 ponti

All you have to do is pack your bags and book your next trip with Itabus from north to south of the boot. 


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