5 "Dad-Friendly" destinations


On March 19, surprise your dad with an unexpected gift and book him a place on Itabus to discover the Italian cities where he can nourish his passions

Dad, daddy, father or old man: Whatever you call him, we're confident that March 19, Father's Day, is the date all children look forward to giving him a moment when his wishes, at least for once, will come first.


The perfect way to thank all the dads who have always spread advice, wisdom and cheerfulness, who with their big hands give us a caress when we need it and with a proud smile can make us feel the best in the world, is to give him a trip. But not just any trip, one that fits perfectly with his interests in life: cars, sports, art or history, each city becomes the ideal destination for a dad with a thousand resources.


So, where to go for Father's Day? Itabus recommends five "dad-friendly" destinations to celebrate this special day.


If you ask a dad what the model of his first car was, he'll certainly be able to answer without hesitation. Almost all dads have a weakness for cars, so why not indulge this passion by giving him a trip to Turin to visit the famous Museum of Automobiles? The city is considered the Italian capital of the four wheels and, in the shadow of the Mole Antonelliana, we have seen the birth of the history of some of the biggest names, such as Fiat and Lancia.


The Automobile Museum is considered among the most important museums in the industry, boasting one of the rarest and most interesting collections that has more than 200 original cars from 10 different countries and 80 different brands. It's basically a house of toys for a dad who sees cars as an important part of his life.


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When you talk about casinos you immediately think of Las Vegas with its lights, glitz and good nights, but what if you don't have to go so far for a little fun? Venice, as well as being the ideal destination for a romantic weekend, is home to the world's oldest gaming house dating back to 1638. A sophisticated Renaissance palace overlooking the Grand Canal, where every dad can feel like the protagonist of a movie night.


Find him an elegant tuxedo and allow him to experience an unforgettable Father's Day between a hand of Black Jack and a hand at Roulette: the fun will be assured! For one evening you will feel part of the Venetian nobility of the past in one of the most elegant casinos in the world, in his elegant suit with a Martini Dry to sip between games.


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venezia casinò


Palermo with its clear sea, fish cuisine and the joy that you breathe, is the perfect destination for a dad who has always considered himself a sea wolf and wants, at least for a day, to feel like the captain of a big ship (although, probably, it will be a small boat). For Father's Day, give him a getaway in the Sicilian city and the experience of setting sailing and sunning the seas, to fill up on iodine and vitamin D. In his boat you can explore the beautiful coves that characterize the coast and carve out a few hours of peace, with the swaying of the sea and the seagulls flying high in the sky.


Palermo is the ideal destination for all dads who need to relax a few days under the Sicilian sun, enjoy the great cuisine and fill their eyes with beauty, forgetting the dull daily tasks.


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Rome is perfect at any time of the year and 19 March is the right occasion to make a father passionate about history happy. With its monuments and the fascination of the past that is breathed on every corner, the Capital is a real open-air museum, to be explored aimlessly walking with a nose perennially upwards and eyes full of wonder.


A spring holiday in the Eternal City will, surely, be an appreciated gift that will divert attention from the history books for a moment allowing him to walk in person all the stages that have marked the city from its foundation to today. History, culture, religion are intertwined, creating an irresistible experience that will always be remembered.


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A good bottle of wine is never lacking on the tables of the Italians, especially if in the house there is a true fan of the alcoholic drink par excellence. And what is more appreciated than giving a wine-savvy dad a weekend in Siena for Father's Day? The Tuscan city is located at the gates of the Chianti hills and is therefore the ideal destination for a wine and food tour and to taste one of the most appreciated wines in the world in one of the many wineries present.


Between a walk in the medieval alleys, a stop in Piazza del Campo and a stop in a typical restaurant, Siena offers the perfect setting to toast the happiness that, in Tuscany, becomes even more tangible.


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If you want to impress your dad with an indelible memory, book him a seat on Itabus and give him a thrilling weekend around Italy.  

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